Softwood species

Discover all the fascinating facts about 11 softwood tree species growing abundantly throughout BC, from natural-occurring insecticides and resistance to decay to a broad spectrum of structural and aesthetic properties and applications.

Amabilis fir

Amabilis fir, which grows along BC’s coast, combines strength and beauty and is used for structural products in…

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Douglas-fir tree close up of tree at base of the trunk

Douglas-fir is a large tree, reaching 85 metres on BC’s coast and 42 metres in the Interior.

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Lodgepole pine branch
Lodgepole pine

Lodgepole pine, the most abundant tree species in BC, is marketed with interior spruce and subalpine fir as the SPF (spruce-pine-fir) species group.

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Ponderosa pine

Ponderosa pine is a large-crowned tree with a straight trunk. It is the largest of the western pine species and usually…

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Sitka Spruce NEEDLES 11 12712 600x400 bf06395
Sitka spruce

Sitka spruce is the largest of the spruces and is used in a variety of structural products including…

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Subalpine fir

Subalpine fir, also known as balsam or balsam fir, grows throughout BC’s interior and is marketed with lodgepole…

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Cedar KCharleton 022 10370 600x400 bf06395
Western red cedar

Western red cedar is a resilient and versatile species that can be used in a wide variety of…

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Western Hemlock KCharleton 012 10539 600x400 bf06395
Western hemlock

Western hemlock, the most plentiful tree species on BC’s coast, is used for general construction, roof decking, plywood,…

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Western larch

Western larch is produced predominantly as part of the Douglas-fir-larch species mix.

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Western white pine

Western white pine is commonly found in the drier parts of Vancouver Island and the adjacent mainland coast…

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White + Engelmann spruce

White spruce and Engelmann spruce are found across BC’s interior. They are part of the SPF species group,…

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Yellow Cedar BARK 01 12717 401x602 087e2b5 e1598460901641
Yellow cedar

Yellow cedar grows on BC’s coast and is very valuable commercially because of its straight grain, yellow colour…

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Hardwood species

From the big leaf maple and white birch to the red alder and trembling aspen, BC’s hardwood species are used to make such beautiful wood products as flooring, cabinetry and furniture, as well as musical instruments, interior millwork and more.

Maple KCharleton 084 10630 1200x800 5b2df79
Bigleaf maple

Bigleaf maple, the largest maple in Canada, only grows in the southwest corner of BC. It yields attractive…

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Paper (white) birch

Paper birch is intolerant of shade, so it thrives in open clearings and younger forests resulting from disturbances…

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Red alder

Red alder is found all along the coast of BC and is the most plentiful hardwood in the…

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Trembling aspen

Trembling aspen is a slender, graceful tree with smooth, greenish white bark and distinctive leaves that quiver in…

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