Careers in demand

There is a current shortage of qualified workers, especially for:


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CNC operators

Set up, program and operate computer numerical controlled (CNC) woodworking machines to fabricate components for a variety of wood products from cabinets and furniture all the way to building elements for mass timber construction.

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Machine operators

Select, cut and shape wood in a value-added way, working in a fast-paced environment to make wood products using a variety of machinery.

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Assemble components to form subassemblies such as prefabricated structural wood products or complete articles such as furniture.

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Operations managers

Plan, organize, direct and evaluate daily wood manufacturing operations. Contribute to the development and monitoring of operational budgets, and promote efficiencies and high quality products through all manufacturing processes.

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Fabricate all components of a modern timber structure in a prefabrication plant—from mass timber products to steel connectors, cables, and castings, and integrated structural panels complete with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems pre-installed.

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Mass timber installers

Collaborate in the design and pre-construction of buildings, use 3D virtual models in building information modelling (BIM), and erect and connect the prefabricated mass timber elements.

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Technology on the rise


The forestry sector is continually investing in new technologies and research to minimize environmental impact while maximizing economic return to society. Today, high-resolution aerial imagery of BC’s forests is captured by drones to examine the height and diameter of trees, explore the forest terrain and more accurately estimate forest inventories. Swarms of miniature satellites are used to rapidly detect and map forest fires. Foresters use virtual reality to help plan operations across large landscapes and discuss forest management plans with stakeholders.

Technology is helping BC foresters optimize their management plans and keep forests healthy in the face of climate change.​ 


Two forest engineers wearing bright PPE consulting over a smart tablet with a partially harvested forest in background
In the field

A day in the life of a tree planter

Hear from a tree planter with more than two decades of experience in the trade who shares his personal story of why tree planting in BC was an important part of his life. 

Evolving building systems and technology

Building, construction + manufacturing 

BC is a global leader in wood construction including prefabrication, light-framemass timber and tall wood construction​. Wood technology and building systems are rapidly evolving, and so are the construction methodsDevelopments in both wood frame and mass timber are bringing mid-rise wood buildings to a new level of affordability and driving demand for qualified installers, designers, crane operators and fabricators

Cleaner, faster, quieterget a glimpse into how mass timber construction sites are run. 

Close up mid construction view of Brock Commons Tallwood House showing construction worker guiding cross-laminated timber (CLT) floor panels onto steel connector atop glue-laminated timber (Glulam) columns
Fast-track your career to high-demand jobs

Introductory Studies in Mass Timber Construction

BCIT’s program gives learners a unique opportunity to up-skill or re-skill in high-demand industries including mass timber construction and allows students to quickly put their new skills to work in this fast-growing area. This program seeks to introduce students to the mass timber industry, and explore some of the fundamental features and tools associated with mass timber construction.

Expand your mass timber expertise

Associate Certificate in Construction of Mass Timber Structures

The Associate Certificate in Construction of Mass Timber Structures (CMTS) is designed to provide students with technical knowledge in mass timber construction and construction management of mass timber projects with an emphasis on the installation phase; practical skills in on-site installation of mass timber structures; and problem-solving, creativity and teamwork skills. This program has been developed for experienced Carpenters, Ironworkers, and Installers with an interest in expanding their expertise to mass timber.

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Next generation buildings

Architecture + engineering

Innovative wood architectureis on the rise throughout the province fueled by advancements in technology, testing and research. BC is home to precedent-setting timber buildings and making design breakthroughs in wood architecture and low-carbon building solutions.


Hands of interior designer using pencil and clear plastic ruler to markup floor plan drawings