Mass timber products

All over the world, and here in B.C, mass timber is on the rise. These advanced wood products, made by fastening, or bonding smaller wood components with adhesives, are making a whole new generation of high-performance buildings possible.

A close up of Cross-laminated timber (CLT), one of many Mass Timber structural elements made in British Columbia.
Cross-laminated timber

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Upward view of dowel-laminated timber (DLT), a mass timber product, showing crossing and notched DLT beams supporting wood roof above
Dowel-laminated timber

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Interior daytime close up view of Tsleil Waututh Administration and Health Centre roof joinery showing major arched glue-laminated timber (Glulam) bean supporting wooden trusswork and rafters
Glue-laminated timber

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Close up view of Laminated veneer lumber (LVL), one of several different mass timber products made in BC, while being manufactured
Laminated veneer lumber

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Laminated strand lumber (LSL), on of several mass timber products, is shown here in closeup as part of a architectural ceiling element
Laminated strand lumber

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Nail Laminated Timber (NLT) and decorative wood trim, as featured in UBC Campus, Orchard Commons bldg.
Nail-laminated timber

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Interior daytime view showing closeup of parallel strand lumber (PSL) beams and columns, including steel brackets and glass
Parallel strand lumber

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Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is produced by binding or fixing strands, particles, fibres, or veneers of wood together. This practical and light-weight family of products offers excellent strength and performance.


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Close up view of oriented strand board (OSB) sheet product showing individual strands

Oriented strand board

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Wood products

From home building and furniture to gazebos and treehouses, softwood lumber is one of the most widely used building materials, offering incredible versatility, utility and value. B.C. is the largest producer of softwood lumber in North America, offering a diverse selection of quality, grades and appearances.

View of stacked lumber in mill yard showing ends of boards


Dimension lumber refers to the standard pre-dimensioned wood used in wood-frame construction, including walls, floors and roofs.

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Interior of a student lounge with red furniture and exposed wood on the ceiling and walls.

Interior wood products

Warm and welcoming to live with, wood is one of the few naturally renewable interior products that calm our…

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Exterior closeup view of exterior wood siding and window frame on Alberta House Plaza and Business Centre, shown as examples of exterior wood products

Exterior wood products

Exterior uses offer a unique aesthetic—including a wide range of patterned designs, wood grains and natural patinas—along with…

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Biomass, pulp + paper

Beyond building materials made with wood, B.C. supplies customers with a wide variety of consumable forest products, from wood pellets to sustainable paper products and specialty pulps used in everything from rayon fabrics to medical face masks.

Close up of pulp production

Pulp and paper

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Close up view of upturned open hands holding WPAC wood pellets with wood pieces in background

Wood pellets

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