Interior and finished applications 

With its diversity of wood species, BC is home to a wide range of companies offering a unique selection of finishing and interior wood products. This includes but is not necessarily limited to:

  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Doors and window frames
  • Panelling, mouldings/trim and cabinetry
  • Specialty and prefabricated housing products
  • Decorative elements, musical instruments and artwork
  • Virtually any custom architectural  millwork desired

BC species offer a wide range of interior and other commercial uses

BC interior products are distinguished by the province’s rich abundance of different tree species:

  • Spruce and bigleaf maple are used for specialty musical instruments
  • Douglas-fir, western hemlock, western red cedar, pine and alder are frequently used for high-end interior millwork and mouldings
  • Bigleaf maple is also crafted into custom furniture and toys

BC Wood Supplier Directory

Looking for interior and specialty wood products?

With the province of British Columbia recognized as a global leader in sustainable forest management, you can specify BC forest products with confidence. Connect with suppliers of interior and speciality wood products today.