Mid-Rise and Mass Timber Wood Construction in B.C. Videos

June 4, 2014

Mid-rise wood frame construction (four to six storeys) is becoming increasingly popular as a means of boosting densification, containing urban sprawl, and respecting infrastructure limits while maintaining neighbourhood charm and community appeal. The first 150 wood-frame mid-rise projects in British Columbia will use the equivalent of 100 million board feet of lumber and wood products. These mid-rise projects include a total of 202 buildings, of which 58 are now complete. In addition to wood-frame, a variety of innovative mid-rise mass timber buildings such as the Earth Systems Science building are also growing in popularity.

Originally from a video produced by WoodWorks! BC, five 6 18 minute videos are now available on naturally:wood۪s Youtube channel to show how British Columbia is leading by example:

1. History of Wood Construction and Forest Management in B.C.
2. Mid-Rise Construction in B.C.
3. Wood Design and Construction in Mid-Rise Buildings
4. A Mass Timber Case Study: The Earth Systems Science Building, UBC
5. Future of Mid-Rise and Mass Timber Wood Construction in B.C.