BC Forest Discovery Centre announces new exhibit coming this Fall

July 23, 2018

For over five decades, the BC Forest Discovery Centre remains one of Duncan’s favourite attractions providing education on B.C.’s leading sustainable forest management practices to residents and tourists.

The centre’s upcoming exhibit “Forests Forever” is scheduled for completion in the Fall. Sponsored largely by Western Forest Products, TimberWest, Island Timberlands, Truck Loggers Association and the Island Coastal Economic Trust, the exhibit will showcase the uniqueness of B.C.’s sustainably managed forests and the leading-edge science and technology that is being implemented within the province – continuing to mark B.C. as a leader in the advancement of wood use.

“This Centre is uniquely positioned to reach thousands of people every year and to teach them not only about how communities on Vancouver Island have benefited from B.C.’s forests for generations – but also the strong, vibrant, sustainable and modern industry we have here today,” said Shannon Janzen, Vice President and Chief Forester, Western Forest Products.

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