Mass Timber

  • Mountain Equipment Co-op Head Office Vancouver, BC
    NLT roof and glulam beams at the MEC Head Office, Vancouver, B.C.
    Photo: Ed White Photographics
    UBC University of British Columbia Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, Vancouver, BC
    Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, UBC, Vancouver, B.C.
    Photo: UBC

As wood products and construction systems continue to advance, new and innovative wood buildings are being developed around the world. Building taller and larger with wood is well underway with a wide array of completed contemporary structures across North America in the last ten years. 

Mass timber construction uses large prefabricated wood members for wall, floor and roof construction. Some of these products include glue-laminated timber (glulam), cross-laminated timber (CLT) and nail-laminated lumber (NLT). They are diverse with proven performance and safety, showcasing the wide range and variety of opportunities with wood products. 

Utilizing the high strength to weight ratio of wood, hybrid construction pairs mass timber with concrete and/or steel to create a cost-effective and sustainable building system. Advancements in hybrid building systems has enabled the design and construction of taller wood buildings including the 18-storey mass timber hybrid student residence building at the University of British Columbia, Brock Commons Tallwood House