Wood is Versatile

  • The Wood Innovation & Design Centre continued construction of multiple levels throughout the cold and snowy winter months
    Construction of the Wood Innovation & Design Centre in Prince George through winter months.
    Photo: Paul Alberts
    UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences Building, Vancouver, B.C.
    UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences Building, Vancouver, B.C.
    Photo: Ema Peter Photography
    MEC Head Office, Vancouver, B.C.
    MEC Head Office, Vancouver, B.C.
    Photo: Ed White Photographics
    North Saanich Middle School, Sidney, BC
    North Saanich Middle School, Sidney, B.C.
    Photo: Durwest Construction Management

Wood is equally adapted for interior and exterior use, not only as a finish material, bringing warmth and natural beauty to interior and exterior applications. New and innovative mass timber products allow for the construction of taller structures and longer spans that are often required for commercial, institutional and industrial construction. 

Because of its cost effectiveness, ease and efficiency of construction, versatility and sustainability, wood is a material of choice for many structural applications. When appropriate steps are taken, architects can tap the virtually unlimited design possibilities of wood, while delivering buildings that will perform well for owners, occupants and the environment.

Unlike some building materials, wood construction can proceed in any season and almost any climate. For example, 101 school sites throughout B.C. were able to proceed despite weather delays and the need to wait for foundations because of their standardized wood design. Workers of varying skill levels can quickly learn wood-construction techniques. Wood can be cut and sized on-site, providing a level of flexibility that few materials can match and its light weight and workability make it easy to apply to specific applications. Wood is also well suited to additions, retrofits and wood systems can be dismantled with relative ease and the materials can be used elsewhere.