Delbrook Community Recreation Centre


North Vancouver, BC


8,826 square metres





Structural Engineer

RJC Consulting Engineers

Project Owner

District of North Vancouver

Construction Manager

Stuart Olson

Wood Supplier

Western Archrib

Project Materials


Glue-laminated timber (Glulam)


Structural Systems

Project Overview

Wood provides design versatility and warmth to balance the sleek design of the Delbrook Community Recreation Centre. Communities in British Columbia value natural beauty for their public buildings, so it was expected that the project’s architects would use wood to capture the essence of the site’s beauty, which includes a salmon stream running through a forested area with walking trails alongside sports fields. Three levels of recreation, cultural and mixed-use space form the community-oriented facility, which includes weight rooms, an aquatic space, gymnasium and sport courts as well as multi-purpose and arts rooms.

Wood Use

The main public spaces in Delbrook Community Recreation Centre were used to showcase the wood and maximize the visual impact. Double-height Douglas fir glulaminated timber (glulam) columns and beams frame the large public corridor, which is flanked by windows that allow daylight in. The glulam beams support Douglas fir glulam timber planks used for the long spans. The wood planks sit on top of the beams and columns, where they can be visible when visitors first walk in.


“Situated within a park surrounded by forests, streams and mountains, this building serves a community that values the outdoors. The project’s wood elements, combined with the use of glass, helped create a building that is warm and welcoming”.

Nicola Chevallier PE, Section Manager for Facilities & Special Projects
The District of North Vancouver