Interactive Map of Mass Timber in Canada

Explore this web-based dashboard that plots the location of nearly 500 mass timber projects and 21 manufacturing facilities in Canada. Users can zoom in and select individual projects, or filter by categories such as project type and use, year of completion, size, region, and other criteria. The map will be updated twice a year as GCWood receives new or revised information.

BC portion of interactive mass timber map

Interactive Mass Timber in Canada Map

This interactive map allows users to explore Canadian mass timber projects and manufacturing facilities by several project categories

GCWood State of Mass Timber report cover
The State of Mass Timber in Canada 2021

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Interior view of BC Passive House Factory showing worker using crane to move mass timber beams
Mass timber in British Columbia

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Infographic showing the performance advantages of wood detailing 4 performance measures.
Mass timber’s performance advantages

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UBC Bioenergy Research Demonstration Facility
Mass timber: the next chapter in BC’s forest story

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