The state of mass timber in Canada 2021

Canada a world leader in mass timber construction

Mass timber is a transformative technology made by affixing or gluing together many pieces of wood veneers, flakes or dimension lumber to form larger, stronger pieces such as panels and beams. With wood’s natural ability to sequester and mitigate carbon dioxide (CO2), this green building material is one of our best answers to fundamental 21st century challenges associated with climate change and GHG emissions.

Canada is a natural fit to take a leading role in this exciting new industry. Mass timber is revolutionizing the building industry as a nature-based climate solution. It presents a significant opportunity for Canada’s bioeconomy and the forest sector. As high-value wood products, mass timber can play an instrumental role in the circular economy by providing a renewable source of building materials and contributing to a lower carbon footprint for the construction sector.

This report highlights many of the key data discoveries and important projects, firms and milestones in the Canadian mass timber industry. The aim is to communicate the benefits of mass timber, foster knowledge exchange, and inspire a new generation of projects.

Bar graph showing mass timber projects Canada by province

Source: Natural Resources Canada, The state of mass timber in Canada 2021 report

The state of mass timber in Canada 2021

This report provides a detailed overview of Canada’s mass timber history, production capacity and projects, illustrating one way that Canada’s forest sector continues to innovate and thrive as the world increasingly shifts toward the new bioeconomy.

Mass timber interactive map page preview
Interactive map of mass timber in Canada

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Interior view of BC Passive House Factory showing worker using crane to move mass timber beams
Mass timber in British Columbia

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UBC Bioenergy Research Demonstration Facility
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Across the street daytime rendered view of four storey oN5 building showing fire-resistant CLT panels as exterior walls
Podcast with John Hemsworth and Robert Malczyk on mass timber and seismic design

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