Mass timber in British Columbia

Going larger and taller with B.C. mass timber

Technological advancements in engineered wood, as well as design and construction innovation, have allowed wood structures in British Columbia (B.C.) to go larger and taller.

Mass timber is a category of engineered wood products that allows for the construction of low- to high-rise residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Usually fabricated off-site as panels and beams, mass timber products are comparable in strength and durability to concrete and steel and considerably lighter in weight. Building codes in Canada and around the world are incorporating mass timber into new code provisions, permitting buildings to go higher.

B.C. is a world leader in the fabrication and design of mass timber infrastructure, with several buildings showcased around the province. There is a high level of mass-timber expertise in B.C., and many professionals in the field have garnered international attention.

BC Passive House Factory | Photo credit: Ema Peter photography, courtesy of Hemsworth Architecture

Mass timber in British Columbia

This fact sheet profiles the benefits of mass timber and profiles buildings from around B.C.