Mass timber’s performance advantages

Mass timber: fast, safe and sustainable

Mass timber uses state-of-the-art technology to glue, nail or dowel wood products together in layers. The results are large structural panels, posts and beams. These exceptionally strong and versatile products are known as mass timber.

Mass timber performance advantages

Earthquake safe: Mass timber buildings experience lower seismic force due to being one-fifth the weight of comparable concrete buildings.

Sustainability: Wood is the only major building material that grows naturally and British Columbia’s forests are sustainably managed so we can rely on timber supply for generations. Wood products have lower impact on air and water pollution and have a lighter carbon footprint that other building materials.

Building Better: Building with mass timber is often faster and reduces noise around the area site. The light-weight nature of wood allows for prefabrication off-site saving installation time and money.

Fire Performance: Mass timber buildings have strict fire safety measures including encapsulation, sprinklers, natural charring and other considerations to achieve the same fire safety as non-combustible construction.

Mass timber perforamance advantages

This infographic covers the performance advantages of mass timber.

Interior view of BC Passive House Factory showing worker using crane to move mass timber beams

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