What is mass timber and engineered wood?

Mass timber uses state-of-the-art technology to glue, nail or dowel wood products together in layers. The results are large structural panels, posts and beams. These exceptionally strong and versatile products are known as mass timber.

Mass timber products include:



STRONG: Mass timber can be used to supplement or replace steel or concrete as a structural solution.

SUSTAINABLE: BC’s forests are sustainably managed so we can rely on timber supply for generations.

SAFE: Mass timber building systems are proven to meet or exceed code requirements.

Construction of Bioenergy Research and Demonstration Facility, UBC
Photo credit: KK Law
What is mass timber?

If the primary load-bearing structure is made of either solid or engineered wood, it’s a mass timber building. Mass timber products like fabricated panels, columns and beams can complement light and heavy timber framing options.