Product Types

  • Bioenergy Research, UBC, BC, British Columbia, Wood Products, Construction, Wood Buildings, Don Erhardt
    Bioenergy Research & Demonstration Facility, UBC
    Photo: Don Erhardt
    Wood Buildings, Wood Products, Architecture, School, Education Institution, B.C., Aaron Miller
    Abbotsford Senior Secondary, B.C.
    Photo: Aaron Miller
    Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, UBC. Photo: Don Erhardt
    Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, UBC
    Photo: Don Erhardt
    Cypress Mountain, B.C., Wood Buildings, Wood Products, Architecture, Lodge, Sustainability, KK Law
    Cypress Creek Lodge, Cypress Mountain, West Vancouver, B.C.
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    School, B.C., Wood Buildings, Wood Products, Architecture, Sustainability, BaseTwo Media Inc.
    Samuel Brighouse Elementary School, Richmond, B.C.
    Photo: BaseTwo Media Inc.
    UBC, BC, British Columbia, Wood Buildings, Wood Products, Sustainability, Architecture, KK Law
    Earth Sciences Building, UBC.
    Photo: KK Law

British Columbian companies manufacture a wide variety of wood products that meet any structural or finishing need, offering immense versatility, beauty and superior structural strength. Wood can be used in many types of buildings as a structural material, from single-family homes to multi-storey condominiums and offices, schools, health facilities, recreational centers and public gathering areas. Companies also produce high quality paper products and biomass and wood pellets for bioenergyneeds.

B.C. suppliers produce high-quality wood products in both construction and appearance grades. Building with wood, whether custom or prefabricated, is ideal for wood-frame, post-and-beam and hybrid construction. The range of engineered and mass timber wood products from B.C. offers high-performance and dimensionally-stable options for any building project. 

B.C. wood species, such as western red cedar and yellow-cedar, are readily available for outdoor applications such as exterior trim, siding, roofing, decking and fencing. The wide range of exterior products produced in B.C. comes in standard shapes and sizes, as well as custom sizes. 

Finished & Interior
The attractive grain, colour and strength of B.C. wood species are ideal for millwork, doors, windows and furniture. As an interior structural or finished product, wood is durable and requires little maintenance.

Market Pulp & Paper 
Due to the climatic conditions, B.C. species naturally develop long, slender and thin-walled fibres. These fibre properties result in pulp that has excellent tensile strength properties, offering sheet dimensional stability. 

Biomass & Wood Pellets
B.C.’s wood pellets come from a variety of species and are made from materials that would otherwise be wasted. This includes sawmill residues such as sawdust, and planer shavings and logging residuals.