Tall Wood

  • Brock Commons, Tallwood House, UBC, Wood, Tall Wood
    Brock Commons under construction in July, 2016
    Photo: KK Law
    Wood Innovation and Design Centre, Prince George, Tall Wood, UNBC
    Wood Innovation Design Centre under construction
    Photo: Paul Alberts
    Wood Innovation & Design Centre, Prince George, B.C., Tall Wood
    Wood Innovation & Design Centre, Prince George, B.C.
    UBC University of British Columbia Brock Commons Tallwood House
    Brock Commons construction, June 2016
    Photo: KK Law

With construction professionals and designers seeking lower carbon building alternatives and renewable materials, there is a growing interest to expand the tall wood building sector in Canada and beyond. 

Building taller with wood is not only achievable, it’s already underway with advanced construction technologies and modern mass timber products such as glued laminated timber, cross laminated timber and structural composite lumber.

The reduced carbon footprint and embodied / operational energy performance of these buildings is appealing to communities that are committed to sustainable development and climate change mitigation.

Over 44 tall wood buildings have been built in the past six years.

In 2014, the Wood Innovation & Design Centre (WIDC) was completed in Prince George, B.C. at 29.5 metres-high (97 feet), which at the time was the tallest contemporary wood building in North America. The University of British Columbia constructed a 18-storey tall wood residence on campus, showcasing the rapid growth of knowledge and expertise in mass timber construction in B.C. 

To learn more about tall wood buildings around the world, view the Summary Report: Survey of International Tall Wood Buildings.