Timber trends
January 20, 2020

Wood is good for well-being and health

Research is confirming what many already inherently know: being exposed to nature—and natural organic materials—not only calm one’s mind, it may also have a role in preventing and treating disease.

“We are wired to recognize things in nature that benefit us. For most of our evolution, humans have had a close relationship to trees and wood, so it’s only natural that its visible presence has a positive effect on our well-being.”

David Fell, former Research Leader, FPInnovations.

The approach sometimes referred to as biophilia or biophilic design, suggests that wood is a good choice for health-care environments. It’s also considered hypoallergenic, as its smooth surfaces are easy to clean.

Wood harvested from sustainably managed forests provides high-quality design solutions. It’s well-suited for economical and timely construction — notably in hard to reach places, including downtown sites and remote locations.

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FPInnovations - Wood and Human Health

FPInnovations - Wood as a Restorative Material in Healthcare Environments

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