Procuring Innovation in Construction: A Review of Models, Processes and Practices

Developers, local governments and construction officials alike can learn about how to increase innovation in construction. A recent report published by the British Columbia Construction Association uses mass timber as a case study for innovation to demonstrate how the procurement process can spur new technologies and processes.

The objective of this report is to help public and private owners become “innovation friendly” in their construction procurement—to enable them to access the potential environmental, economic and social benefits that innovative construction solutions can bring. It is also intended to assist architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms set up their competitive response processes so they can bring their best to projects that push technical and logistical boundaries.

Procuring Innovation in Construction Report

The question this report hopes to answer is: using mass timber as a case study, how can the procurement process be best deployed to accommodate project-specific research and development, allow for new technologies and processes, and encourage project team creativity?