Mass Timber HR Blueprint

As the province of British Columbia aligns internal actions to build a stronger value-added forestry sector, there are many considerations to implement to help ensure a successful future. One of these critical areas is talent training and recruitment within human resources.

This report delves into the critical skill sets and job positions required for mass timber operations and construction projects. It highlights the shortage of technical roles in the growing industry and aims to standardize role descriptions, identify labour shortages, and propose pathways to fulfillment.

Goals of this report

  • Develop a baseline of unified job descriptions for mass-related roles
  • Help standardize titles, roles, and responsibilities across the mass timber industry
  • Provide in-depth educational skill set descriptions
  • Provide reference experience sets for intermediate and senior roles
  • Provide potential career paths into roles and beyond
  • Develop gap analysis for missing talent groups, skill sets, and availability of personnel
  • Provide an overview for sourcing of personnel for these roles

OMTI Mass timber hr blueprint 2023 Cover
Download the Mass Timber HR Blueprint

The project has been funded by and developed in partnership with the Office of Mass Timber Implementation and completed by Nicholas Sills of Whirlwind Consultants and Arbutus Search Group.