Design for disassembly for residential construction

Tallwood 1 at District 56 | Photo courtesy of Design Build Services

Resources to support design for disassembly

The purpose of this research by Light House Sustainability Society is to find resources for designers and architects to be able to implement design for disassembly (DfD) principles for residential construction in general, highlighting the opportunities to use wood. However, these resources include information that can apply toward all types of construction and building types.

Creating a truly circular building industry requires salvaged and recycled material use be prioritized in construction.

In British Columbia, wood is an important building material, both because it is locally available and for the economic benefit it provides to communities across the province. Wood in construction also has the environmental benefit of sequestering carbon for decades, and with its high potential for reuse, we can extend that sequestration to centuries.


Design for disassembly for residential construction

This resource from Light House Sustainability Society includes resources to design with and source salvaged material.