Slack Headquarters

Type of Building
Commercial & Industrial
1,208 sq. m.
Leckie Studio Architecture + Design Inc.
Structural Engineer
Glotman Simpson Consulting Engineers
Construction Manager
CDC Construction
Project Owner
Solid-Sawn Heavy Timber, Plywood

Representations of nature are placed throughout the space as reference to the larger context of the city of Vancouver and the local Pacific Northwest climate.

Cristina Belmonte, Leckie Studio Architecture + Design Inc. Vancouver, B.C.

Project Overview

Slack, a fast-growing global technology company, develops software designed to help clients ‘get more done.’ So, it stands to reason that Slack’s new headquarters in Vancouver would be designed to improve collaboration among their own team members. Architects repurposed an existing industrial warehouse building in Vancouver’s historic Yaletown district, creating a variety of gathering spaces for Slack’s staff and guests throughout the three-level space. The heavy-timber structure, which features both original and new wood members, was left exposed to form a warm, natural office space designed to spur creativity and teamwork.

Wood Use

Slack’s Vancouver headquarters was intentionally designed to reflect their company culture, with inspiring, creative workspaces. Architects also worked purposefully to help employees in this urban tech workforce feel at home by surrounding them with natural materials. The retro-industrial space, typical of Vancouver’s Yaletown and Gastown neighborhoods, features a unique blend of time-worn wood structural beams and red-brown brick.