“Sawdust” video by internationally acclaimed sand artist Alexandra Konofalskaya

British Columbia wood. Sustainable by nature. Innovative by design.

‘Sawdust’ explores the endless potential and creativity of wood as a building material.

Wood can be used in many types of buildings, from single-family homes to multi-storey condominiums and offices, schools, health facilities, recreational centres and public gathering areas. It is suitable not only as a finish material, bringing warmth and natural beauty to interior and exterior applications, but as a structural material as well.

Sand artist Alexandra Konofalskaya from Belarus, uses her remarkable technique to trace the journey of wood from forest to mill, to architect’s office, to three examples of innovative use of wood in building design: the Richmond Olympic Oval, 6-storey mid-rise building in British Columbia, and the Arena Stage in Washington, DC.

Richmond Olympic Oval
Photo credit: KK Law