Old-growth forests in B.C.

New approaches to old growth

British Columbia has some of the most abundant, ecologically and climatically diverse forests in the world. Most healthy forests are comprised of trees and plants of various species and ages. Old forests are more than old or big trees, and not all old forests are the same. They are unique ecosystems, and their characteristics vary greatly across the province, by tree species and location. As much as 80 per cent of old forests consist of smaller trees growing in bogs, sub-alpine elevations and the outer coast.

Forest areas of high conservation value are protected by law and through ongoing evaluation and consultation with the people of British Columbia (B.C). This includes regular collaboration with Indigenous governments, communities and industry stakeholders all over the province to evolve and improve land use planning.

Old-growth forests in British Columbia

This fact sheet provides an overview of sustainable forest management and logging practices, legislation and new approaches to old-growth.