Canadian CLT handbook, 2019 edition

How-to resource for CLT

The Canadian CLT handbook is the essential how-to resource for Canadian building professionals interested in construction and design using cross-laminated timber (CLT). The handbook covers multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed information on all aspects of CLT construction.

This latest edition includes updated regulations, research and provisions for compliance with the CSA Standard in Engineering Design in Wood. A state-of-the-art design prototype of an eight-storey mass timber building is included in a newly added chapter.

The handbook was developed by FPInnovations. A PDF of the handbook is available on FPInnovations’ website. Printed copies are available for a fee on Amazon’s Print-On-Demand.

Cross-laminated timber has been used in many projects in British Columbia. The province is home to a growing number of CLT suppliers whose products are being used across North America.

Photo credit: Swanky Photography

Canadian CLT Handbook, 2019 edition

This handbook from FPInnovations is a must for those wanting to build with cross-laminated timber.