Vancouver Island and Coast Visitor Centre




622 square meters





Project Owner

Comox Valley Economic Development Society

Structural Engineer


Construction Manager

Kinetic Construction

Project Overview

Wood is a key component throughout the Vancouver Island and Coast Visitors Centre – for both structure and finishes.

The Centre consists of two distinct functions and forms. The exhibition hall is a tall, drum-like structure – with a display illustrating the natural, historical and cultural aspects of the Valley and the various activities and experiences offered on the Island. The visitor services component features a butterfly roof – with skylights, photovoltaic panels, and a green roof. These two distinct spaces are connected by a wooden bridge spanning over the interior river, which flows to a pond outside.

Wood Use

The structure of the visitor services area is comprised of exposed timber columns and joists, glue-laminated timber (glulam) beams and Douglas-fir decking. The exterior of the exhibition hall is clad in western red cedar. Douglas-fir boardwalks provide the major circulation paths, both inside and out.