Surrey Pretrial Services Centre





Construction Manager

PCL Construction

Structural Engineer

Bush, Bohlman & Partners

Project Materials

Glue-laminated timber (Glulam)

Structural Systems

Post + beam

Project Overview

The Surrey Pretrial Services Centre is the centerpiece in the first phase of the British Columbia’s capital plan to address capacity issues by expanding correctional facilities. When the expansion to the Centre opened in 2013, the entire Centre became the largest correctional facility in British Columbia, with 365 cells. The expansion was designed to create a better working environment for staff and a better standard of living for inmates, with ample natural light, and better indoor air quality. The areas featuring wood construction also offer a contrast to the high-security correctional setting. They include a renovated lobby showcasing BC wood, and a staff services and training area where Douglas-fir glulam beams and columns are visible from both the inside and the outside. The expansion was designed to meet LEED Gold standards, the highest level of sustainability achieved to date in a British Columbia correctional facility. This will offer environmental benefits and lower operating costs throughout the life of the structure.

Wood Features


The Surrey Pretrial Services Centre design used as much wood as the BC Building Code allows for a correctional facility; it is featured in the lobby, and in staff and training areas. Research shows the visual presence of wood in a room is both psychologically and physiologically beneficial, and a study by the University of British Columbia and FPInnovations found wood interiors reduce stress by creating a comforting and supportive environment.


The use of wood in the Surrey Pretrial Services Centre creates a positive work environment, helping to attract and retain quality corrections staff. Wood enhances modern construction techniques, resulting in structures that are reliable and accessible.

“I’m pleased that the designers incorporated wood into the non-secure staff services component of this project. The structural wood adds warmth and makes this a very inviting area for staff”.

Tedd Howard, Provincial Director – Capital
Corrections Branch, Ministry of Justice