Suncoast Pharmacy


Sechelt, BC


220 square metres


Mobius Architecture

Project Owner

Laxar Holdings Ltd.

Construction Manager

Burtnick Enterprises Ltd.

Structural Engineer

Weiler Smith Bowers

Project Materials

Glue-laminated timber (Glulam)




Solid-sawn heavy timber

Structural Systems

Light frame

Post + beam

Project Overview

The Suncoast Pharmacy is located in downtown Sechelt on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. The District of Sechelt has incorporated Wood First principles into its Official Community Plan, so that both public sector and private sector projects (such as this one) are encouraged to use wood wherever possible. The new pharmacy was built as an addition to an existing medical clinic. The 220 square metre project offered the opportunity to express the symbolic connection between the clinical and pharmaceutical functions within the community healthcare system.

Wood Use

As a facility dedicated to the health and wellbeing of its patrons, it was particularly important that the selection of materials for both the interior and exterior of the pharmacy should support those objectives. Wood was a natural choice for both structural and non-structural uses as it is strong, durable, non-toxic, dust free and, in most interior applications, needs no applied finish. The exterior of the building has wood cladding complemented by stone, a material palette that will be further developed and refined when the original portion of the building is renovated in a subsequent phase of the project.

“The use of wood brings a warmth, detail, and texture reminiscent of Sechelt’s historic past, and resonant with its contemporary ‘west coast’ vibe. The project showcases both the success of our OCPs design guidelines and the creative contribution made by members of our community”.

Angela Letman, Development Planner
District of Sechelt