Squamish Adventure Centre


Squamish, B.C.


536 square metres



Structural Engineer

Iredale Architecture

Mechanical, Electrical, Sustainability

MCW Consultants Ltd.

Construction Manager

Compass Management

Project Materials

Solid-sawn heavy timber

Structural Systems

Hybrid / Other

Low rise

Post + beam

Organic form reflects the local alpine geography

Wood craftsmanship and technology converge in this combined visitor centre, sports museum, and economic development office. The wood structure was designed, detailed, fabricated and built in just three months to meet a tight timeline of eight months for the entire project.

  • Showcases how modern designs with complex geometries can be quickly and economically built.
  • The building’s signature curved wing-like roof represents the eagles in the Squamish Valley.
  • Built using 60,000 board feet of Douglas-fir timber from the west coast of British Columbia.

Butterfly-like roof made from 35 unique steel-and-timber roof trusses

Craftsmanship and technology converge in this combined visitor centre, sports museum, and economic development office. Thirty-five different composite steel-and-timber roof trusses, each with a unique geometry, comprise the curved, butterfly-like roofs that perch lightly on a supporting structure of exposed timber columns, brackets, and beams.

The elliptical plan and expansive glazing ensures the building is highly visible from British Columbia’s Sea-to-Sky Highway. The organic form reflects the local alpine geography, and inspires the more than two million visitors who pass by it each year on their way between Vancouver and Whistler.

Computer-aided design and manufacturing software technology was critical to the success of the project, with over one thousand uniquely shaped heavy-timber members—few, if any, containing right angles—made from locally grown Douglas-fir harvested from a sustainably managed forest operated by the Squamish Nation.

Case study: Squamish Adventure Centre

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The low rise Squamish Adventure Centre, complete with curved wing-like roof and complex geometries, was built with solid-sawn heavy timbers and glows warmly in this exterior evening view