Prince George RCMP Detachment


Prince George, B.C.


6,900 square metres




IBI Group

Structural Engineer

Bush, Bohlman & Partners

General Contractor

Maple Reinders, Inc.

Project Materials


Glue-laminated timber (Glulam)



Solid-sawn heavy timber

Structural Systems

Hybrid / Wood

Light frame

Low rise

Post + beam

Timber and wood finishes offer a welcoming presence to visitors of this police facility located on the edge of the downtown core in the northern city of Prince George.

  • Wood use in the interior canopy ceiling and wall panels in areas where the RCMP and civilian staff interact with the public creates a calm and supportive atmosphere.
  • Certified wood and wood products are used for their sustainable attributes and durability, and most of the dimensional wood and glulam components are locally sourced.
  • The facility is one of the first to use the city’s carbon-neutral wood fibre-based district energy system, where the heat is generated from the kiln drying process at a local lumber mill.

On the exterior, a series of heavy timber pillars and trusses span the building’s expansive glazing, giving it an air of civic prominence. Inside, a double-height atrium corridor is lined with wooden columns that resemble an avenue of trees along a forest path. Light filters through the clerestory windows, casting shadows that enhance this illusion. Glue-laminated timber (glulam) columns and purlins, as well as a heavy timber roof deck, much of it sourced locally, offer added warmth to key public areas.

Old is new by making decorative use of wood from the original building

The design incorporates salvaged wood from the demolished building that originally occupied the site. This recycled material was used to create decorative wood panels in the entrance foyer. The two-storey facility is connected to the city’s carbon-neutral downtown renewable energy system, which distributes heat from a nearby sawmill to nearly a dozen downtown buildings. Through and through, this is a facility designed to serve and protect both citizens and the environment.