Glenmore Landfill Administration Building




650 square metres





Structural Engineer

Bush, Bohlman & Partners

Project Owner

City of Kelowna

Construction Manager

Delnor Construction

Project Overview

The new 650-square metre administration building at Kelowna’s Glenmore Landfill is an example of site-specific sustainable design, in which wood features prominently as both a structural and finish material. The design aimed to reduce the energy use of the building by more than 40 percent when compared to current standard building practices, and was constructed to minimize impact on the local ecology. By adopting conservation strategies and using available passive energy, the design has minimized the consumption of energy, water and materials. The sustainable features of the building reflect its context and program.

Wood Use

Wood is used extensively throughout the building, particularly in the roof structure and exterior sun shades, complementing the building’s strong environmental agenda. Plywood sheathed wood frame shear walls brace a wood roof structure that utilizes spruce/pine/fir lumber for short spans and engineered lumber for long spans. The ceilings inside the building feature Mountain Pine Beetle wood, known for its distinctive blue colour, caused by the fungus carried by the beetles. Although discoloured, this wood does not lose any of its structural strength. The building also features an angled clerestory window, and where this angle occurs the two sets of wood joists are moment-connected using screws in a circular pattern.


“Using wood in many aspects of the facility’s construction resulted in an atmosphere that you feel ‘welcomed’ to. The warm, natural appearance complements the environment outside, which we are preserving at the same time”.

Steve Walker, Project Technician Design & Construction Services
City of Kelowna