Crawford Bay Elementary-Secondary School


Crawford Bay


2,788 square metres




KMBR Architects Planners Inc.

Structural Engineer

Fast + Epp

Project Owner

School District #8 Kootenay Lake

Wood Supplier


Project Overview

The Crawford Bay Elementary-Secondary School is a K-12 school which replaces the old existing school facility. Design goals were established through public consultation and include creating a sustainable and durable space with natural materials and integrating the school and the community through the engagement of local materials and labour.

The use of wood as a primary building component was the natural choice due to its sustainable properties and its positive impacts on student occupants. The presence of visible wood is correlated with lower sympathetic nervous system activation — the body’s response to stress — and improvements in concentration and test performance.

Forestry’s place in the community history is also recognized by maximizing the usage of native local species. The design allowed for local labour to have the skills to complete this project, as the glue-laminated timber (glulam) post and beam grid design is simple and repetitive.

The flexible design comprises light-wood-frame infill walls between the glulam post and beam system, which are non-loadbearing, making their placement changeable. Timber elements are bolted together, allowing for the possibility of being disassembled, relocated or reused in other capacities.

Wood Use

The post and beam frame is comprised of glulam and solid timber components. Glulam is further used in the box windows for the exterior walls. The roof overhang was prefabricated on site from stacked wood planks, which are placed between glulam beams. Plywood sheathing is used for the roof. The exposed roof timber elements are protected from the weather by the overhang.

Wood is also used in finishing applications in the gymnasium as maple hardwood flooring and on the ceilings as larch paneling.