Coast Mountain College




2581 square metres





Structural Engineer

Herold Engineering

Project Owner

Coast Mountain College

Construction Manager

Unitech Construction Management

Project Overview

Coast Mountain College‘s Smithers Campus was renovated and expanded to triple the capacity of the original facility. A vaulted galleria connects the existing and new structures, providing light and natural ventilation to the space. The timing of construction was carefully planned to minimize disruptions to student accessibility and functionality of the existing campus.

The design of the project reflects the community’s identity and incorporates green building technology. Wood, rock and First Nations art are visually included in the college, providing a sense of familiarity to students and faculty.

The renovation and expansion increased the functionality of the academic environment, adding classroom space, wet and dry science labs, a multi-purpose shop for trades programs, expanded library and computer labs and improved video conference and distance education capabilities.

Wood Use

The structure employs a timber roofing system and post and beam construction. Plank decking and glue-laminated timber (glulam) beams are utilized for the roof. The post and beam framing consist of glulam beams and round heavy timber columns. For the building exterior, wood is used for siding and glulam and heavy timber elements are part of the underside of the roof overhang.