Centennial Beach Park Pavilion




420 square metres




PUBLIC Architecture+Communication

Structural Engineer

Bush, Bohlman & Partners

Project Materials

Nail-laminated timber (NLT)

Structural Systems

Project Overview

Centennial Beach Regional Park is located on the eastern side of the Point Roberts peninsula, an area of natural dunes extending along the shoreline of Boundary Bay. The north section of the park attracts birdwatchers and beachcombers, while the south section is dedicated to more active familyoriented pursuits. Located between the two, the new pavilion reflects this duality: open and welcoming to the south, sheltered and secluded to the north. The building is sited along an east-west axis, where a subtly sloping and terracing wood boardwalk guides visitors from an arrival plaza up to a new patio that is raised above the flood plain.

Wood Use

The primary structure of the building comprises a grid of steel columns supporting a combination of steel channels and wide flange beams. Nail laminated 2×4 panels are slotted into the channels creating a shallow ceiling that is both structure and finish. The wide flange beams run above the steel channels, cantilevering at either end of the building and delineating the extent of the green roof. This composite structure brings a sense of lightness and agility to the building.


“The wood elements in the Centennial Beach Park Pavilion relate directly to the natural and existing park setting. Wood elements in the project are expressed in many forms including surfaces that park visitors can interact with such as seating, and the boardwalk and has brought many positive comments”.

Adam Vasilevich, Project Manager, Metro Vancouver Parks