Merrit Fire Zone Office And Provincial Wildfire Training Centre

The Merritt Fire Zone is one of seven fire zones that make up the Kamloops Fire Centre. It is the largest fire suppression zone in the province, responding to an average of 92 wildfires annually. The new facility, with a floor area of 1,332 square metres, houses an expanded Merritt Fire Zone office and the Provincial Wildfire Training Centre. It provides space for up to 58 staff, storage areas for firefighting equipment and three classrooms to support field training. 

Wood Use

The two-storey structure is a combination of glulam post and beam and light woodframe construction. Built on a slab on grade, the structural framing consists of a glulam post and beam system, with engineered wood trusses and cross laminated timber (CLT) for the roof and canopy decking. The exposed canopy structure, as well as the beams and soffits of the roof overhangs, complement the rest of the building exterior which is finished with a profiled metal cladding. Much of the glulam and CLT structure is also exposed within the building. 

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