Wood Processing Workshops with TWIG’s Shape Program

Shape is a new program established by TWIG in partnership with BC Wood and CAWP to spark developments in the value-added wood products space, taking people from concept to product launch. This program is building on a history of programs from BC wood and CAWP’s technical expertise and industry support.

As part of the Shape program, workshops have been developed to tackle areas of learning that are fundamental to the development and marketing of wood products. They are based on common questions, and gaps in knowledge that we consistently see when working with individuals and companies in prototype development and consulting. They are also very applicable for those working in companies who want to up their knowledge about wood manufacturing and processes to help them with current projects.

CNC Machining

June 9, 2024
4:00-530 PM PST

Utilizing CNC cutting as a tool in design, production, jig making and prototyping to use this technology to your advantage. This workshop explores the various uses and applications for CNC cutting, the different machine types, tooling and software. CNC is amazing technology, but it’s not going to solve problems for you or make your life easier unless you understand how it can be incorporated into your workflow. Today this technology is used on mass, with many shops being outfitted with machines for their application, from cabinets and custom woodwork to mass timber and timber framing.

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Wood finishing

July 21, 2024
4:00-5:30 PM PST

Understanding the types and applications of wood finishes and the process workflow that leads you to the best results. This workshop focuses on the final stages of the process, which deal with wood finishing and the various coatings, treatments and products that can be applied to wood. Finishes are applied for reasons such as aesthetics, durability, and functional purposes and so the preparation of your wood to receive a finish is extremely important. Making good choices in your finishing process can add years of life to your wood project or can be a distinguishing feature that has your product stand out in the marketplace.

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Photo: UBC CAWP | Credit: Brudder Productions


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June 9 - July 21, 2024


UBC Centre for Advanced Wood Processing

UBC Centre for Advanced Wood Processing, Main Mall, Vancouver, BC, Canada