Whole-Building Life Cycle Assessment Professional Micro-credential at BCIT

The Whole-Building Life Cycle Assessment Professional micro-credential provides the knowledge and skills needed to effectively use LCA in design decisions for works of construction. Developed in partnership with the Athena Sustainable Materials Institute, this microcredential consists of four courses delivered online by experienced LCA professionals through a combination of self-paced work and virtual live lectures.​

Participants will gain foundational knowledge of life cycle thinking, embodied carbon, and LCA standards and methods. Upon program completion, graduates will be able to conduct whole-building LCAs and calculate the carbon impact of building materials using Athena’s free LCA software. Students will gain:

  • Advanced knowledge and skills in whole-building LCA, including a solid foundation in LCA standards, method, and data.
  • Experience conducting whole-building LCA using Athena LCA software.
  • Ability to interpret results, assess uncertainty and limitations, make fair comparisons, and create proper reports.

Photo credit:  Nik West 

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