TWIG Monthly | From Skate Park to Sawmill

This month’s guest is Van Urban Timber. British Columbia has an abundance of fibre that does not make its way through the larger sawmills and processing plants across BC. Urban logs, trees from developing properties, and “oddball” pieces are wood sources beyond traditional forestry harvesting practices. The challenge as always comes to the logistics of converting this raw material into usable wood. Transportation, milling, drying, storage, and selling are part of a chain of activities needed to make this wood accessible to a maker, builder, or craftsperson. For smaller-scale operations, a lot of work, time, and sweat goes into this process, and as covered by the folks last month at Ellingsen Woods, you’re not always getting the most value for the quality of wood your process. The next TWIG Monthly moves the conversation from a remote island sawmill to one whose story started within an urban context.




From skate park to sawmill

January 25 - January 25, 2022


7:00 pm