Timber Construction, The Perceived Hurdles around Incorporating More Wood in Construction Projects and Strategies of Overcoming Them

The British Columbia Construction Roundtable invites you to attend our November Virtual Breakfast Session featuring a panel discussion:

From supporting the BC wood industry, wood’s natural beauty, sustainability and carbon neutrality, using wood in buildings makes sense. However, beyond detached houses and multi-family buildings, the main structural construction materials for large or complex buildings in BC are still concrete and steel. Moreover, in some BC projects where mass timber is being used, the wood in being imported from elsewhere. With an abundance of this natural resource in our province, why is BC wood, specifically mass timber not more prevalent in new buildings?

Join us on Wednesday November 25, 2020, and bring your questions for our experts. Expect a lively panel discussion on identifying and overcoming the hurdles of incorporating Mass Timber into our building projects. 

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November 25


7:30 am