The Future in Construction is…Prefabrication!

The future of construction is moving toward more advanced prefabrication systems. Labour shortages, building performance expectations and regulations, new materials, and the growing ability to integrate the design process directly with the manufacturing facilities, is enabling buildings to be built smarter, faster, better performing and, more cost-effectively. This workshop will bring together manufacturers, end-users, contractors, and researchers to highlight the advances in prefabrication methods as well as provide guidance on current trends, correct misconceptions and identify options when considering how to design and build your next project.

Participants will learn the following and more:

  1. Different levels of prefabrication will be introduced and their advantages and disadvantages discussed.
  2. See examples of successful projects and how problems were addressed.
  3. Digital technology to increase productivity and quality.
  4. How to incorporate offsite components in city buildings.
  5. Earn up to 6 hours of professional development credits from AIBC, EIC, BC Housing and more!

Who Should Attend?
This workshop is designed for contractors, designers, developers, manufacturers and building officials.

Registration: $129

Attend in person for networking and meals or attend virtually for immediate access to the session recording

In partnership with BC Housing and BCBEC


Photo: Construction of 1 Londsdale Avenue Commercial Building, North Vancouver,  credit: KK Law

CLT panels on a flat-bed truck being lifted into place by a crane for installation. Photo credit: KK Law.

November 16


8:00 am

900 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 3L5, Canada