Mass Timber Schools, A 21st Century Solution: Workshop + Tour of Bayview Elementary

Timber technologies and techniques are rapidly evolving, opening new possibilities for school design. From hybrid‐mass timber construction to factory‐built prefabrication, the opportunities for the use of wood in schools are quickly expanding.

This workshop and tour of Bayview Elementary School, put on by Wood WORKS! BC, explores how wood‐built schools can boost students’ well‐being, cut carbon, speed up construction, and offer flexible, earthquake‐resistant design.

Sessions include:

  • Design options for three and four storey wood schools
  • The advantages of designing schools with wood
  • Structural considerations for mass timber schools
  • School design: towards a more natural and flexible learning environment
  • Exposing maximum wood
  • Tour of Bayview Elementary School

Photo credit: Wade Comer Photography 

Bayview Elementary School concrete and sill plate installation

January 16 - January 16, 2023


8:30 am


2665 East Mall, Vancouver, BC, Canada