Upcoming FPInnovations webinar series on managing woody fibre

The extraction of residual fibre in British Columbia leading to the reduction of open-air burning of harvest residues is the focus of a new webinar series that will be offered in February and March 2021. Experts from FPInnovations and the B.C. Ministry of Forests (FLNRORD) will host six sessions that will get you thinking about better fibre utilization and less burning. Reducing the use of open-air burning through better use of residual fibre from timber harvesting and fuel treatments has economic benefits for the forest industry such as offsetting annual allowable cut reductions and providing volume for pulp mills. …The speakers will address topics such as the utilization of fibre from fuel hazard treatments in small communities, sustainability impact assessments of biomass to bioenergy supply chains, and the laws/regulations surrounding harvest residuals on the coast and in the interior of B.C.

Small pile of wood pellets on wooden bench with greenery in background

February 2


10:00 am