Low Embodied Carbon Designs Course by CaGBC

This course will inform design teams on what actions, at each stage of design, are appropriate to reduce embodied carbon.

The course will explore general considerations per materials and building elements, including structure, façade, interiors, and building services. The topic of how to carry out life cycle assessments in a consistent way that is aligned with Canadian policies and local framework will also be discussed. Finally, the course will present the different types of data and tools available related to life-cycle assessment, highlighting synergies and differences. Real case studies and useful resources, existing targets and benchmarks will be also presented.

This course is delivered by the following individuals from Integral Group: Louise Hamot, Leonardo Poli, and Jeremy Field.

Prince George Fire Hall stairwell | Photo credit: Ed White Photographics 

Interior shot displaying ample use of nail-laminated-timber in stairwell

December 1 - December 1, 2022