Global Buyers Mission

The in-person 19th annual Global Buyers Mission (GBM) is scheduled for September 2022 in Whistler, BC. The GBM is the largest and most important wood show for international buyers and Canadian sellers of value-added wood products. As BC Wood’s premier business development activity, the GBM helps value-added manufacturers connect with hundreds of qualified international buyers and specifiers of wood products. Sales generated from the GBM have increased nine-fold since the first event in 2004, to over $35 million per year.

Value-added wood products promoted and sold at the GBM will include:
• Log and timber frame homes
• Pre-fabricated structures
• Engineered wood products and specialty lumber
• Windows and doors
• Cabinets, moldings, flooring, and other value-added wood building products
• Specialty lumber and Western Red Cedar products


For more information and to request an invitation, email

Whistler Conference Centre, photo credit: Matt Walker


September 8 - September 10, 2022


8:00 am

Whistler Conference Centre

(604) 882-7100