Pattern Language from Passive House

How to design and build high-performance apartment buildings at the lowest possible cost

Pattern Language from Passive House is an interactive course that teaches cost-effective design strategies of low-emissions, mid-rise, wood-framed multi-family buildings. This four-part course presents design problems common to multi-family buildings, followed by solutions that have worked in previous high-performance projects. These solutions are organized into “patterns” using a format adapted from A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander (et al).

The patterns presented in this course are drawn from the hundreds of affordable multi-family buildings constructed to the Passive House standard worldwide, because this is the largest cohort of affordable, low-emission, mid-rise, multi-family housing. While these solutions are taken from Passive House buildings, they are applicable to residential building designs targeting Step 4 of the BC Energy Step Code, as well as multi-family buildings aiming for similar low-TEDI or not-zero energy standards.

Course Dates and Times

Tuesday, March 2, 2021
Thursday, March 4, 2021
Tuesday, March 9, 2021
Thursday, March 11, 2021

This four-part online course draws on hundreds of energy-efficient, Passive House-certified buildings worldwide, and offers affordable solutions to common barriers of high-performance multi-unit residential buildings MURB. Although teachings are based on the passive house standard, they are directly applicable to all high-performance building standards, including Step 4 of the BC Energy Step Code, Net-Zero Energy Ready standards, and more. If you’re looking to maintain your CPHD certification, this course has been recently approved for 16 PHI continuing education points!


March 2 - March 11, 2021


9:30 am