Construction of Mass Timber Structures at BCIT

The 15.0 credit Associate Certificate in Construction of Mass Timber Structures (CMTS) is designed to provide students with: 

  1. Technical knowledge in mass timber construction and construction management of mass timber projects with an emphasis on the installation phase
  2. Practical skills in on-site installation of mass timber structures
  3. Problem-solving, creativity and teamwork skills. This program has been developed for experienced Carpenters, Ironworkers and Installers with an interest in expanding their expertise to mass timber.

This program, which runs from January to June, is designed to be completed as a series of part-time courses using a cohort model, with students spending 8 to 10 hours per week on coursework. All courses are delivered online with the exception of one practicum course, which will be delivered in person at the Burnaby Campus in a compressed format over a 2-week timeframe.

The Associate Certificate in Construction of Mass Timber Structures is six (6) months or 23 weeks in length and will run from January to June.

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Photo: oN5 Building | Credit: KK Law


Construction worker looks up to a large vertical CLT panel hung from a crane, with sun rays shining from behind the panel.

January 3 - June 7, 2023


Online except for one practicum course delivered in-person at Burnaby Campus