Building Smart – Climate Ready Housing Design

BC Housing’s Mobilizing Building Adaptation and Resilience (MBAR) initiative aims to prepare the building design and construction industry to cost-effectively meet the challenges of our changing climate.

Join this webinar to learn about the emerging functional needs of buildings and the new Climate Ready Housing Guide, which will be released soon. Building professionals can use the guide to adapt residential buildings to climate stressors and shocks. It will also help protect investments throughout a building’s lifespan. Understanding these concepts can help communities minimize displacement when a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or pandemic, occurs.

The first edition of the guide will include high-level approaches and resilience strategies and share how they align with low-carbon principles. Participants will also learn about the technical standards to support each of the approaches for managing extreme heat and poor indoor air quality.

Photo: The Cortina townhouse development / Credit: KK Law

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The Cortina townhome development

June 9


9:00 am