Wood Innovates BC

Home to one of the world’s most sustainable and globally-competitive forest sectors, British Columbia is actively taking steps to advance the use of wood and establish B.C. as an internationally recognized centre of excellence for wood innovation, and a showcase for local forest products in wood construction, interior design and daily living.

Wood Innovates BC profiles the latest B.C. expertise, wood design resources, events and workshops, to encourage exchange on technological developments, research, building and manufacturing efficiencies and innovations.

Forest Products Industry Support
Marketing and business development services

Become more competitive through improved business planning, increased marketing capacity, adoption of new technology in manufacturing, and enhanced product development and design by utilizing services offered by BC Wood Specialties Group.

Product development support

Obtain product development, design, protoyping and testing support, including modifying manufacturing processes to accommodate new or improved products, through UBC's Centre for Advanced Wood Processing.

Research, development and technical support

Effectively produce and market wood-based products and construction materials through consultation with FPInnovations

Architect & Engineer Support
Construction and building system support

Consult with project and construction advisors, free of charge, on wood building systems.

Product support

Contact product-specific technical advisors free of charge for upcoming projects.