Prophet River Multiplex

Type of Building
Community & Recreation
Prophet River
1,291 sq. m.
David Nairne + Associates Ltd.
Structural Engineer
David Nairne + Associates Ltd.
Construction Manager
Grand Construction
Project Owner
Prophet River First Nation
Wood Supplier
Glue-laminated timber (glulam), Plywood

Prophet River First Nation really appreciates the wood structure of this building as it is expressive of our cultural tradition of building with wood.

Andy Calahisen, Director Capital Works and Housing, Prophet River First Nation

Project Overview

The Prophet River First Nation is one of eight related First Nations whose traditional territory stretches across the Peace River region of northeastern British Columbia, northern Alberta and Saskatchewan, and the southern part of the Northwest Territories. The community is located on the Alaska Highway, approximately 90 kilometres south of Fort Nelson, B.C. 

Wood Use

The primary structure in the 6-metre wide linear lobby is a Douglas fir glue-laminated timber (glulam) post and beam system, in which both vertical and horizontal members are 175mm x 305mm in cross section. Opposing posts are offset in plan, so that the connecting roof beams form a triangular pattern. Between the beams, the 19mm tongue and groove Douglas fir roof decking is exposed to view.