Lakeside Resort

Type of Building
Tourism & Specialty
4665 sq. m.
Structural Engineer
RJC Consulting Engineers
Construction Manager
Greyback Construction
Species of Wood
Douglas fir
Project Owner
RPB Hotels & Resorts
Wood Supplier

There's a lot of money left on the table if you miss a summer at a resort like this. When you compress a construction schedule by using prefabricated wood panel products, it results in real, intended financial benefits.

David Prystay, General Manager RPB Hotels & Resorts

Project Overview

Speed of construction, reduced building weight and desire for a more attractive facility convinced the Lakeside Resort owner to use wood instead of concrete when they expanded their resort. The new 70-unit hotel is constructed of mass timber, and at its completion, is believed to feature the most extensive use of cross-laminated timber (CLT) of any building in the Okanagan Valley. 

Lakeside Resort's owner wanted to open the doors to the new hotel in time for the busy summer season. The six-story structure was completed in just under one year, and all project members agree that meeting the target completion date would not have been possible without using CLT. 

Wood Use

The structure was framed by Douglas fir glulam beams and columns, left exposed to the interior. Glulam was also used to build a dramatic 30-foot high wall using a double lattice of beams to frame the windows. The lattice, which hangs down three stories, is suspended from the sixth floor.

Locally-produced CLT panels were used for all major shear elements of the building, including floor and roof structures, balcony separation walls, and the vertical walls which separate the exterior decks. CLT was also used to frame the stairwells and stairs, giving the owner a cost-effective way of achieving a unique architectural finish across a broad area.