King David High School

Type of Building
9,500 sq. m.
Acton Ostry Architects Inc.
Structural Engineer
Glotman Simpson Consulting Engineers
Construction Manager
PAX Construction Ltd.
Project Owner
King David High School
Wood Supplier
Western Archrib
Glue-laminated timber (glulam), Finishing, Paneling, Siding

Project Overview

King David High School is a Jewish day school that fuses the traditions of Judaism with educational requirements of the Province of British Columbia. All the elements of the building are linked symbolically and functionally, with the intent of promoting educational, environmental and cultural values within the broader community.

Sustainability principles have been integrated throughout the facility. The long narrow footprint addresses solar orientation considerations while skylights and abundant natural daylight reduce reliance on electrical lighting throughout much of the day.


Wood Use

Construction materials are sparse and durable to convey a sense of permanence: glue-laminated timber columns and beams, western red cedar siding, poured-in-place concrete, integrally coloured concrete block, and Jerusalem stone. The use of structural components as finishing materials, combined with large expanses of wood paneling and pin-up surfaces, results in a reduction of the use of gypsum board as a finish material.

Wood’s inclusion injects warmth into the space, humanizing the building while appealing to people’s senses, psyche and imagination.